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You Make Me Sick: The Influence of Relationships on Our Health

Unhealthy CoupleA sensible diet and exercise plan are the ingredients to keeping you  healthy, but did you know your relationships could be making you sick?  A recent study of over 10,000 people showed that unhealthy  relationships can lead to stress and a myriad of health problems. The  quality of your relationship can be just as toxic to your health as fast  food or a toxic environment.

 Researchers discovered over a 12-year study that people in negative  relationships were at a greater risk for developing heart problems,  including a fatal cardiac event, than their counterparts who had close  positive relationships. Why? “Toxic” relationships can leave you feeling  unfulfilled, drained, threatened or even in danger.

 Warning signs include bring subjected to abusive and demeaning  behavior, feeling insecure, not feeling safe with the other person, or being  lied to. On the flip side, healthy relationships tend to make you feel  secure and loved.

So how can you change a toxic relationship? Once you’ve recognized the danger signs the next step is to believe that you deserve better – to be treated with respect. Then, if you're not in an abusive relationship, address the toxic behavior using “I” statements to keep the other person from getting defensive. If this doesn’t work, then--for your own good--consider separating from the toxic person. Staying in a toxic relationship only increases your exposure to unhealthy physical and psychological effects.

Source: Psychology Today

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