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Rising Gas Prices, Decreasing Waist Line?

The recent spike in gas prices has led to articles about how to save money on gas: combine trips, carpool, get your bike back in action. Now a study by Charles Courtemanche of the University of North Carolina has proposed that higher gas prices lead to lower body weight. Why? Well, aside from the aforementioned bike, people also walk more and go out to restaurants less.

The 2010 article, published in the Western Economic Journal, found a connection between the rise in obesity between 1979 and 2004 and lowered gas prices (adjusted for inflation). Similarly, Courtemanche estimates that were gas prices to increase by $1 for good, that there would be fewer overweight and obese Americans—to the tune of 7-10% less. 

Source: A Silver Lining? The Connection Between Gasoline Prices and Obesity 

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